About Us

Since 1983, Yasin Kaplan Carpet is trying to be a leading company in carpet sector by encouraging and supporting all the best for development and improvement of the sector. It is not only to about customer satisfaction and take place in the market. It is about offering education and continuous improvement for our employees. It is about taking the responsibility against the customers, suppliers, employees and this earth planet. It is about creating a better place and a better quality of life for all of us, now and for the future generations.

Yasin Kaplan Carpet has developed consistently throughout the past 30 years to become one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey of high quality machine made carpets. The most important factors in this development are;

  • Product Development
    • 9 Designers in R&D Department for developing new products and designs and 25 designers for coloration and sizing
    • Technological Innovation
      • ERP system was developed for the company specially and installed and managed by one of the biggest Software company, this gives departments to follow their works and see the current situation instantaneously through ERP system
      • All machines used in the factory are new brand and with high/last technology Van de Wiele and Schönherr machines and for finishing line European made last technology backing and finishing line machines.
      • In Design Department last version of software Ned Graphics and Texcell and high technology hardware
      • There is a barcode system in each step of production and storage and shipment stages, it is possible to track each item produced in the factory with all details and time/dates. Also it is possible to use internation barcoding systems such as EAN 13, Code 128 etc or customized codes.
      • Efficient Production
        • The production capacity of the factory is over than 15 Million sqm per year (app. 1,2 Million m2 per month) and capacity of yarn factory is over than 16 Million MTons per year (1.350 tons/month)

        • Information Security Policy

          • In the carpet / yarn sector, to ensure continuous development and improvement, legal and regulatory requirements and provide services by taking into account security obligations related to customer contracts,
          • Implementing a sustainable information security system based on risk assessment and risk management,
          • To ensure the integrity, confidentiality, accessibility of information assets and the sustainability of the Information Security Management System (ISMS),
          • Doing business by taking into account information security obligations during the process of receiving and providing services with customers and other stakeholders.
          • Information Security Management Board (ISMB) has been established for the establishment and execution of Information Security on all Yasin Kaplan Carpet.
          • You can reach us at bgyk@kaplancarpet.com for violations, emergencies and suggestions related to the Information Security Management System.

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